About Kala Rydham

Kala Rydham which stands shows and resembles unity well there is a famous saying “UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDEDWE FALL” so the main motto of this institute is unity and when we are talking as out unity then we have to say our group is not join with professionally but it is join with heart. In short as per story of wood cutter, Kala rydham same like a bunch of sticks so there is no scope of crack this bunch.

Kala Rydham was established in 2007 with objective of presenting Art our folks at world wide to present Gujarat world wide and other kinds of dances of India also.

about us

The Objective

The basic objective of Kala Rydham is two-fold:

1st – to create awareness about Indian folk dance and music.
2nd – to ensure the propagation of our culture by spreading the message as far and wide as possible, and by training as many individuals as we can.

We are ever-willing to impart our skills to anybody who’s interested. And we realize how difficult it is for people to find time to pursue their interests. Which is why we have scheduled our regular classes for two hours in the evening. In addition, we also have two special batches during October (the Navratri festival) and April-June (the summer vacation).

Those pupils who excel in their chosen dance form, are represented in regional and national competitions, give live or studio/stage performances, and are sent abroad to participate in international folk-dance festivals.

Raas Garba Classes 2016

about us